Effects of the corona crisis on VNG Gasspeicher GmbH

VNG Gasspeicher GmbH (VGS) operates technical facilities for the underground storage of natural gas, which are essential for maintaining the energy supply in the Federal Republic of Germany. The facilities are considered critical infrastructures. 

Against the background of the corona crisis VGS has taken additional actions to maintain the state and ensure the safe operation of these storage facilities even under the current conditions. We have implemented additional measures to protect our employees, which will enable them to ensure the proper operation of our storage facilities even in this difficult situation. 

At the present time the VGS storage facilities are 100% operational and no restrictions for our customers are to be expected even under the current circumstances. Regardless of this we observe the developing situation daily and continuously re-evaluate the effects on the operation of our storage facilities. This enables us to react immediately to changing circumstances and to take any necessary measures. Our availability by phone and e-mail and the support for our customers is ensured.

At present there is no reason to assume that there will be any restrictions on the operation of our storage facilities.


Madlen Geyer

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