Our society is going through a far-reaching transformation. Two key factors in this transformation are ensuring that the energy supply is secure while implementing effective measures to protect the climate. These points also apply to, or even especially for, natural gas enterprises. We are concentrating our actions into three areas so that we can best do our part.”

Bernd Protze, Managing Director, VNG Gasspeicher GmbH
Green Products

Green Products and Future Fields

From the transformation of green electricity into hydrogen and the storage of bio-natural gas through to climate-neutral storage: we recognize the true sustainable potential of natural gas and reflect it in our range of products and services.



What do energy optimisation, the building of towers for bats, and the utilisation of “waste” or lost heat have in common? They all work to protect the environment and are also part of our green strategy.



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Sustainability Strategy

“We want to become more sustainable” is one result of our internal strategic analysis of 2019. Starting with and building upon our core business structures, we defined sustainable goals and priorities and restructured existing climate-related activities while developing new products, services and projects.  As a business in the energy sector, we are well aware of our responsibilities as part of the sustainable transformation and we are committed to a path of continual improvement.


Investments and Shareholdings

Climate-neutral Storage and Green Products

The future success of the energy transformation will be directly linked to an ability to store large volumes of gas and energy. This can be done using underground storage for bio-natural gas or other innovative storage possibilities for power-to-gas products. We are working to improve our climate-neutral products, investing in research and storage technologies for both natural gas and renewable energy sources. Flexible and sustainable.

Bio Micro

Not all gasses are created equal. With a bio-shipping code, our customers store their own gas with us - their bio-natural gas is linked to their bio-gas balancing group and retains its biogenic qualities.

Trading VSH green

Do you want to contribute - to protect our environment – even during the gas storage process? Trading VSH green allows us to cover the energy requirements for gas injection and withdrawal using energy derived purely from bio-natural gas. That’s how ecologically meaningful storage works.

Kassandra Hartmann

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