For a Long Time to Come.

New natural gas storage technology, pioneering processes: we work with everything we have on the possibilities of tomorrow such as highly flexible storage solutions for excess renewable energies. We constantly work to improve existing technologies and add sensible, innovative ideas to established processes so that we can improve our offerings. And we don't just rely on our own inquisitiveness, but rather on the additional strengths and power of research partnerships.

technical coordination in Bernburg
compressor building in Bad Lauchstädt
maintenance in the compressor building in Bernburg

An Option for the Future – Hydrogen: HYPOS.

Project consortium HYPOS e. V. has shown how environmentally-friendly hydrogen can also be economical – from its production, transport and storage through to uses in the chemical industry for mobility and sources of energy. As part of the HYPOS roadmap study "Hydrogen Caverns", the technological and legal feasibility of natural gas storage cavern conversions was examined and proven to be fundamentally possible. The next steps to be taken include cooperative, accompanying research into concrete aspects of the storage of hydrogen in depleted salt caverns.


"Storage of Hydrogen in Salt Caverns – A Vision of the Future"


          HYPOS e. V.          


Saxonian Impulses: Energy Saxony.

"Energy Saxony" is a network for the exchange of ideas and contacts working to fortify the competitive position and export strength of Saxonian energy industry as well as to promote related research. VNG Gasspeicher is working, as a member of the association, to improve networking capabilities and the exchange of ideas within the energy industry.

Energy Saxony e. V. Website

A History of Cooperation: TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

We have a long tradition of cooperation on exciting projects. We are currently working together on various aspects of hydrogen storage. Mathematical issues have also been, and will continue to be, developed as part of graduate dissertation and theses projects.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg Website

instrumentation, control and automation
flange of the piston compressor in Bernburg
piston compressor in Bernburg
surface facilities of the location Bernburg

Long Partnership: OAO GAZPROM.

We have been cooperating successfully with OAO Gazprom and their subsidiaries for years on scientific and technical matters. Current projects include, among other things, the optimization of operational management and maintenance of gas system technologies. This involves diagnosis using modern, innovative measurement technologies in conveyor pipe tours as part of drillings at underground natural gas storage locations. We are also cooperating on the development of ejectors for energy efficient injection into our cavern storage facilities. Other projects involve simulation models for the optimization of underground facility operation and membrane technologies for natural gas processing.

OAO Gazprom Website

Practical Projects: DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik.

We have been cooperating for years with DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH on practical research projects. These include, for instance, the optimized use of glycol in gas drying plants using special membrane technologies.

DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH Website

Good Neighborhood: HTWK Leipzig.

We have a cooperative agreement for a series of lectures at the HTWK (University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig). As part of this agreement, we also support students in their graduate projects.

HTWK Leipzig Website

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