Social engagement and responsibility

Responsibility for our society and the environment is of paramount importance to us – in all regions and areas where VNG Gasspeicher is active. We place great value on sustainable, better developmental opportunities for children, youth and young adults. To ensure this, we target and support local initiatives.

Sponsoring Partners

TV Askania Bernburg e.V.

The largest of our underground storage facilities is located in the greater Bernburg area – precisely in Peißen. We support the TV Askania Bernburg: a sports organization with around 500 members which has been in existence for over 125 years and offers sporting activities in the fields of soccer, self-defence, billiards and popular sports.

Website TV Askania Bernburg

Water Rescue Group Bernburg

14 volunteers train 90 children and young adults - with the aim of preparing them for the Lifeguard Badges. This includes learning different swimming styles, training endurance and fitness as well as practicing swimming with clothes. We are impressed by the young people's commitment to society.

Website Water Rescue Group

Kinderheim Machern gGmbH

Kinderheim machern GEMEINNÜTZIGE GmbH operates a curative education facility in Leipzig and the surrounding area, as well as children's and family homes to provide support, trust and perspective for children and young people. This fits exactly to the principle of VGS: to support young people in a targeted way and to give them self-confidence for their own future.

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SG Eisdorf 1918 e.V.

With its approximately 350 members, the SG Eisdorf is one of the largest associations in the Bad Lauchstädt region and is particularly proud of the "Family-friendly sports club" seal of approval. We have been supporting the club since 2017 in its children and young work in the sports of soccer, table tennis, Nordic walking, gymnastics, fit for fun, dancing and children's gymnastics.

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Cooperative Efforts and Universities and Colleges

The way in which we, as a company, would like to develop can be described as a process of lifelong learning and continual improvement. We cooperate with universities and colleges. This can be seen in projects working on hydrogen storage research platforms but not only there. There are many more instances showing the meaningfulness of cooperation between industry and science. We are fully aware that many of our most important employees come from these institutions. This, too, is an effort to ensure a better future.

TU Bergakademie

Long-term research partnerships, exciting projects - We are currently working together on various aspects of hydrogen storage. Additionally, scientific and mathematical topics have, and will be, advanced as part of bachelor and doctorate thesis paper development.

HTWK Leipzig

We have a cooperative agreement with the HTWK, the University of Applied Science, in Leipzig. This includes a series of lectures as well as support and supervision for students developing their graduate thesis papers.

Supporting Local Providers

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In line with Goethe’s famous question, "Why look so far afield when there is so much good so close at hand?”, we support regional trade and development. Even though our clientele is based all across Europe, we see ourselves as a company deeply rooted in the centre of Germany. These are, after all, the people who have made VGS into what it is today. By supporting local businesses, we hope to give something back.


Internal Commitment

“Initially, sustainability is an attitude. And when actions arise out of this internal outlook, that is when sustainable changes begin to take root. Such as those of our employees.”


We were supporting remote working even before the Corona pandemic. A large part of our workforce enjoys flexible, remote working opportunities. We are also considering whether or not it makes sense to travel so often for our work. Could many of these trips not be replaced by video conferencing? This will help to further reduce our CO2 emissions while also improving our employees’ work-life balance.


Sparing Use of Resources

The sustainable use of energy is a major factor in reducing CO2 emissions. We also make efficient use of working and operating materials. Whenever possible, we try to minimize the use of hazardous materials or completely replace them with alternatives. We are also careful to use as little paper as possible. Systematically working to reduce consumption even further, we work with digital signatures whenever we can and are also currently digitalising maintenance documentation.

Advantages for Employees   

Satisfied workers are the cornerstone of our company. A proper balance between their working and private lives has always been of importance to us – something that we traditionally support and continuously work to improve. From flexible working times and advancement opportunities to health initiatives, we are always working to ensure the wellness of our people.



Come Aboard!

You can find more information about the work-life balance and employment opportunities at VGS in our Careers area.

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