We Offer More.

We understand the importance of dedicated and knowledgeable employees to our success and also that this is directly linked to striking the proper balance between their professional and private lives. We have been officially family-friendly since 2009 – as a certified holder of the seal of quality given to family-minded employers as part of the Hertie foundation's "berufundfamilie" audit.


More is Possible: Working Times

We offer flexible working times without a required block period as well as the possibility to work part time.


Better Together: Job & Family.

You can have both a career and a family life. Our family services' mediation and consultation programs help in achieving this.


The Sooner the Better: Prevention.

We offer preventive medical check-ups and therapies as part of our health management services.

Since becoming certified, we have worked to build even further upon these family-friendly principles –for instance by making working times considerably more flexible. We also make a variety of consultation and mediation offerings available to our employees. These include, for instance, help in finding care facilities for children or family members in need of assistance.

These measures compliment other offerings which have been in place for many years such as programs promoting healthy lifestyles and opportunities to work part time.

Better balance: Working & Living

We offer quite a bit more. For example, working hour policies which actually allow you to balance professional and private lives. Paid time off for weddings, births or moving are covered as are active health programs with company doctors, policies to protect non-smokers, company sports programs, thorough preventive planning and holiday trips for children. And because we believe that those "little" things can have a larger effect, we subsidize employee meals in the company cafeteria.


Sustainable: Compensation & Planning

Being paid well for good work goes without saying within the VNG group. But it doesn't end there. You can, for example, participate in interesting programs where you are rewarded when the company is successful. This means you have more from what we achieve together.

And even if it sounds old fashioned in today's world: we want to hold on to our employees for life. To make sure that their quality of life is guaranteed in retirement as well, the VNG group offers a company pension plan. We offer attractive benefits and subsidies in cases of deferred payment which benefits our pension fund or a direct insurer. Providing for quality elderly care is another aspect which we also hold to go without saying.


Promising: Career Beginnings & Advancement

We both challenge and reward. This is true for all stages in a career. The personal and professional training and advancement of our employees is, for us, not an "option" but a "given must". Our VNG management trainees are prepared for later challenges with work in their current teams. Training programs are offered which allow you better opportunities and chances to hone existing skills and acquire new ones. And, importantly, our management staff receives training individually designed to fit real world tasks matching their needs exactly.

Get On Board.

Team spirit, fairness, respect: that's how we all work towards VNG Gasspeicher GmbH's goals and achieve the outstanding. We support personal and professional growth and make more out of available potential. Are you interested in being successful together? Then please let us know by applying today.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please use our convenient application portal for this purpose.

direct employment (Direkteinstieg)
direct employment (Direkteinstieg)

Get started now!

Have you successfully completed school? Do you want the future to remain exciting? Professional training with VGS will show you the many facets of the energy industry.

As Germany's third largest natural gas storage facility operator, we see ourselves as a reliable employer which both challenges and rewards its workers – over the entire course of their professional lives.

Our technical training programs both challenge and reward and will help you take the first steps on the path to a successful career. 

What you can expect

Variety Varying, competent training
Atmosphere Friendly trainers, comfortable working environment
Appreciation Trainee allowance according to established tariffs
Knowledge Many advanced training opportunities, e.g. additional qualification at the Administration and Business Academy, Leipzig
More Trainee events

Want Experience?

Are you studying at a university, college or comparable academy? Are you looking for the chance to put theoretical knowledge to practical use? Looking to gain valuable experience?

"Yes, Yes and Yes"? Then apply now for an internship with energy service provider VGS.

An internship at the third largest storage operator in Germany leaves – in its best literal sense – traces in your curriculum vitae: We rely on teamwork, responsibility and a lot of practical experience. These are good prospects for later

Would you like to apply with us?

We look forward to hearing from you! Use our convenient application portal. Ask before? Please call us: +49 (0)341-443 2454.