drilling core (Bohrkerne)

REMIT – We report your data.

Since the 7th of April, 2016, you are required to report to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators ("ACER") concerning the volume of gas stored on each gas day - a responsibility which the storage facility operators are allowed to take care of if you so desire.
Save time and resources: we can report the specifics for all of your currently active contracts.
We offer you an all-encompassing service: we report the stored gas volumes to ACER and to any national agencies as required while also taking care of delivery receipts and confirmations - while double checking that everything has been done correctly.

You can rely on being fully informed. And to be on the safe side, we save all of the reported information as well as confirmation of the agencies having received it for a minimum of twelve months.

You wil be charged a fee for this service. Please find the fee in the current fee schedule.

Additional Flexibility? Possible!

As natural gas storage experts we are fully aware that sometimes certain storage capacities are simply no longer needed.
The solution: in such cases we re-offer your storage capacities to the marketplace - with your approval of course. The return and remarketing of storage capacities requires an individual service contract which, importantly, includes a contingent condition stating that a predetermined, minimum fee which you have set for the storage capacities must be reached. The fee for this service can be found in our current fee schedule.

Please simply send a non-binding inquiry to sales@vng-gasspeicher.de.


Extra Capacities: Secondary Marketing.

When we ourselves do not have the available capacities which you require, we turn to existing clients to acquire them. In order to start the process we require that you submit a signed, binding copy of our "Support in the Acquisition/Transfer of Storage Capacities" request form.

We carry out a non-discriminatory process to check if our existing customers are able to provide the capacities you have requested. If so, your request is sent to the appropriate clients. If they are prepared to transfer their excess storage capacities to you, you will then receive a binding offer directly from the client in question.

You wil be charged a fee for this service. Please find the fee in the current fee schedule.
Important: this fee is charged regardless of whether or not an actual, valid capacity transfer is concluded and carried out.
A storage contract, which is concluded through a secondary marketing, is closed with VGS.

Everything's Covered: Securities Management Services.

Would you like to transfer securities or chattel mortgages for your own or jointly owned natural gas assets to another secured party? We gladly check your contracts' working gas account balances - and monitor the fill levels according to your individual needs.

An assignment (transfer) agreement is required before security transfers can take place. This agreement declares to us your willingness to transfer all of the rights and obligations contained in your storage contracts to the security taker and allows the collateral taker access to view your contracts and nominations. In addition, we also inform them of the storage levels on a monthly basis.

We continuously monitor the working gas accounts' minimal fill levels which were set by the security provider. If these level limits are reached, we lower the incoming nominations accordingly. Withdrawal is only again possible once the fill level requirements have been properly altered by the secured party. Payment oblications resulting from storage contracts remain your responsibility at all times. Complete details may be found in § 5 of your contract.

You wil be charged a fee for this service. Please find the fee in the current fee schedule.

Storage Repo - Processing sales of in-storage gas

The gas which you, as our client, have stored with us represents a great deal of fixed capital. Together with our partners, we offer a service which allows for the simple sale and purchase of stored gas volumes.
Create new room to manoeuvre by lowering your financing costs.

We set up storage customer contracts with working gas sub-accounts which third party partners can also access. This allows for the convenient sale of in-storage gas by means of gas transfers; to or from other contracts as well of course.

What do I need to get started?
1.   Precontractual agreement between the storage customer and the third party concerning the sale and purchase of gas
2.   Contract between VGS and the storage customer
3.   VGS creates working gas sub-accounts for the storage customer and their third party partners

Additional information regarding handling can be found in the contractual documents and fees in the fee schedule.

*This service can currently only be booked for our VSH products.


  • Contract "Agreement on the consent to assignment and rendering of services in connection with the settlement of purchase agreements regarding stored gas volumes concluded between customers and third parties." and Annex

The following partner are familiar with the Storage Repo service of VGS and can be chosen as contract partners:

  • SCMI Limited

contact person: Takeshi Kono | +447717883455 | natgas@scguk.com

  • Rabobank Frankfurt

contact person: Johannes von Gottberg | +49 69 79206687 | johannes.von.gottberg@rabobank.com

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