Very Precise : Gauging and Standards Inspection Services.

Experience, Expertise, Reliability. These are just some of the traits that help us support you – for the entire lifecycle of your gas measuring devices. We are there for you as state certified inspectors in Berlin, Brandenburg, , Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia. Our engineers consult you in everything from planning and operational startups to revisions and calibrations. During operation, we can also oversee maintenance of your natural gas measurement instruments. Depending upon the equipment's manufacturer, we support public utilities, chemical plants, power grid operators, storage system operators, power plants and biogas plant operators. You can count on our know how and service.

All certificates for the state approval of a inspection body for measuring instruments for gas can be found here.

Our company is certified according to the requirements of the standards:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015 
ISO 45001:2018 

DVGW Inspections

  • approval of gas pressure regulators according to DVGW-Worksheets 491/492
  • approval of transition pressure tanks according to DVGW-Worksheet G 498
  • creation of verification statements according to §5 GasHDrLtgV
  • provision of preliminary and final certifications according to §6 GasHDrLtgV
  • safety inspections and evaluations
  • consultations for necessary conversions

Custody Transfer Services

  • calibration and on-site inspections of electronic volume-, density- and flow correctors as well as other computerized equipment
  • calibration of process gas chromatographs (PGC)
  • calibration of other correction computers and measurement instruments (correlative measurement), excepting calorimeters
  • official commissioning of new gas detection technology
  • monitoring / inspection of reparation on calibrated measuring devices
  • execution of certification for official gauging and regulatory authorities
Technical Measurement Service (Messtechnischer Service)
Technical Measurement Service (Messtechnischer Service)

Technical Measurement Service

  • revision of volume and gas composition measurement systems
  • performing maintenance of gas quality measuring devices (PGC)
  • commissioning of unofficial measuring points
  • provision of certified testing gases
  • consultation in the implementation of technical measuring concepts and communication connection
  • fault analysis of gas measuring devices and assistance in elimination

Our contact with calibration services

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