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Dispatching Services: Operational.


For you we offer an extensive service package and are always ready to develop your wishes for a more comfortable handling.

Our operational services include:

  • Telephone availability from Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm + 24/7 on-call service in case of emergency
  • Chinese wall for "third parties"
  • Provision of a client in the settlement systems
  • Acquisition of contracts for settlement in the corresponding software systems (Contract Management)
  • Contractual examination of nominations in operations and storage testing by characteristics
  • Acquisition of communication with customers, including the clarification of problems
  • Matching process with the network operator

Dispatching Services: Reporting.


Make flexible use of our extensive reporting tool in the customer portal "My Storage". With just a few clicks, you can access contract-related key figures such as the current filling level, characteristic curve for injection and withdrawal, and much more. This gives you a round-the-clock overview of everything important. One authorization per user is required to use the tool. If you don't have these yet, simply contact us at

More services:

  • Account management of storage contracts (after BEATE) and, for example, a monthly "account statement"
  • Implementation of publications by REMIT

Dispatching Services: Others.


  • Establishment of communication links for automated nomination of storage contracts
  • Providing a portal for access to the contracts and manual nomination of contracts by customers
  • Consultation with the network operator for optimization of physical operation mode, taking into account a possible Operation Balancing Agreement
  • Coordination of maintenance with the storage operator and the adjacent network operator
  • Publications of maintenance

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