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Tender | Trading VSH SY 2025/2026

In this tender procedure, we are providing storage capacities for the period from 1 April 2025 to 1 April 2026.  We are offering 1,000 GWh as the "Trading VSH" product in the THE market area.

Configure this high-performance storage product to suit your needs or bid on our standard configuration with a turnover period of 175 days. We offer various additional products, such as day-ahead capacities, to optimise storage management during the period.

The bidding phase for this storage capacity will take place at the earliest on 22 May 2024 and at the latest on 01 August 2024 from 01:00 pm to 01:30 pm CET. Allocation will take place by 02:00 pm CET. 

Bids will be based on a fixed price in €/MWh/a with a maximum of 4 decimal places. 

NOTE: The following conditions of participation apply to this tender procedure and all future procedures:

  • Bidding is only possible in the logged-in area
  • The bidder requires authorisation for online booking
  • VGS carries out a credit check; if the necessary documents are not yet available, we will ask you for them
  • If the credit check is negative or if a credit check is not possible due to missing documents, a security deposit must be provided in the event of a capacity surcharge.

Further information on this can also be found in the procedure description and in the registration and booking conditions.


WGV in GWh |  1,000.00
IR in MWh/h | 600.00
WR in MWh/h | 820.00

Markt area



VGS Storage Hub

Service Period

01/04/2025, 6 am - 01/04/2026, 6 am


Booking and nomination by storage customer

Lead time for renomination

2.0 h

Transfer point

VGS Storage Hub

Variable fee

1.051 €/MWh in SY25/26



Physical storage


easystore configuration per GWh MinimumStandardMaximum
Working Gas VolumeGWh1.001.001.00
Injection rateMWh/h0.350.601.20
Withdrawal rateMWh/h0.300.821.50
Injection durationDays17410251
Withdrawal durationDays1787345
Turnover durationDays35217596
Sample contract  


Procedure discription




Operating Manual


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