We are very young yet have half a century of experience because we have only been VNG Gasspeicher GmbH since March 1st, 2012 – but gas storage professionals since 1964.

absorber (Absorber)

"Second largest cavernous storage operator in Germany. Connections to two market areas. This is what stability looks like."

Listen. And Be Heard.

We are active in several German and international associations which represent both our financial and political interests. Germany must import most of its natural gas. This makes gas storage facilities critical to ensuring stability in both supply and pricing. One of our main objectives is making sure that the immensely important role of natural gas storage for Germany is understood in both political and legal circles.

INES, Initiative Erdgasspeicher e. V.

INES is an association of large German storage facility operators based in Berlin and representing their interests in politics, industry and the general public. The group works towards better public recognition of the vital role that natural gas storage plays in ensuring energy supplies and security.

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BDEW, Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V.

The BDEW, located in Berlin, unifies German companies and energy- and water-management associations. It represents their interests as well as consults and supports members in industry-related matters.

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GSE, Gas Storage Europe

Gas Storage Europe, a sub-group of GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) located in Brussels, is an association of European gas storage facility operators. They actively represent the sector's interests while working with European institutions and regulatory authorities.

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Energy Saxony

"Energy Saxony" is a network for the exchange of ideas and contacts working to fortify the competitive position and export strength of Saxonian energy industry as well as to promote related research. VNG Gasspeicher is working, as a member of the association, to improve networking capabilities and the exchange of ideas within the energy industry.

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BVES - Bundesverband Energiespeicher e.V.

BVES brings together companies and organisations from all areas of energy storage. The aim of the association is to represent the rapidly growing and independent sector of the storage industry with one voice vis-à-vis politics, administration and the public. At the same time, the association forms a high-quality formal and informal contact network in the field of energy storage in Germany, Europe and internationally.

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DBI- Gas und Umwelttechnik

We have been cooperating for years with DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH on practical research projects. These include, for instance, the optimized use of glycol in gas drying plants using special membrane technologies.

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Our contact representative for regulatory and associative matters

Dr. Susanne Schmidt

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Legal Framework for Storage Facility Operators