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We have big plans; how about you? 

Transitioning to a decarbonized energy system will not be possible without hydrogen, that much is certain. As gas-storage experts, we will inasmuch serve as an important partner for the future hydrogen economy.


We are currently preparing everything needed to develop an underground facility that can store large quantities of pure hydrogen at our site in Bad Lauchstädt. With this investment, we intend to make specialized storage capacities available internationally via an efficient European hydrogen network. Implementation is planned as part of the IPCEI project Green Octopus Mitteldeutschland - GO! Storage.


Have we piqued your interest?  Are you thinking of trading in hydrogen and/or exploiting it as a storable energy carrier in the future? Then feel free to take part in our “Open Season” survey, which helps us to better assess potential customer demand and optimize the ramp-up of our hydrogen storage facility in a targeted manner to ensure future supply security and efficiency. Taking the survey does not involve any obligation on your part. We look forward to your feedback! 

Phases of the Open Season




14/02/2024 bis 21/03/2024

Demand enquiry


26/02/2024 bis 23/03/2024




April 2024

Bilateral discussions


2. quarter 2024


▶ What is an open season procedure and how does it work?

An open season procedure is a process in the energy sector to regulate and optimise the demand for transport capacity in pipelines or storage capacity in storage infrastructure. During this process, companies or organisations announce their interest in using this capacity. The information obtained can be used to plan capacity offers. In a further step, the infrastructure operator usually selects the best bidders in order to conclude contracts for the utilisation of the capacity.

▶ Who can participate in the open season procedure?

In principle, any company that would like to store hydrogen on a large scale in salt caverns in Germany in the future is eligible to participate. A realistic picture of the quantities of hydrogen to be stored in the future will help with the needs-based planning of the conversion and construction of hydrogen-capable cavern storage facilities.

▶ What happens if demand is uncertain? Should I specify these requirements at all?

Yes, you should also specify storage capacity requirements that are not certain. In the "Specifications" section, you will find a drop-down menu for categorising your requirements. Indicate here whether, for example, a final investment decision has already been made.

▶ Are the demand notifications binding?

No, this open season procedure is a non-binding notification of requirements. If desired, bilateral discussions can follow.