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Welcome! Good to see you!

In our welcome package we have put all the information & documents that are important for the start of our joint contractual relationship and make it a little easier.

How to reach us

Our sales team is your right contact for questions about contracts, products and services, marketing and our customer area MY STORAGE:

+49 341 443 2190 

Our operations team will be happy to help you with contract processing, nominations and working gas account balances:

+49 341 443 6767

All contracts at a glance: in our data sheet.

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What we need from you

We would also like to ask you to provide us with your address, contacts and billing information. Please use the form Communication Lines Customer for this purpose.

For setting up the technical connection line we provide you with this form

Please fill in the KYC form and attach the financial statements of the last two years as well as the current excerpt from the Commercial Register.

"My Storage" customer area

Our customer area "My Storage" offers you a lot of convenience: You can see all your contracts at a glance, nominate directly, create reportings and book further capacities online immediately. If you do not have a login yet, please register here free of charge.

In order for us to be able to activate you for the desired functions, we need a power of attorney from your company. Please fill out this form and send it back to us signed to

We would be happy to show you the extensive reporting and nomination functions. 

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Additional services

We can report your stored gas quantities to ACER for you, receive confirmation of receipt and check that everything is correct. You can find more information about our REMIT service here.

With our product Day-Ahead, you can optimize your current contracts shortly. In other words: You book your injection and withdrawal rate today and already use it tomorrow. The product can exclusively be booked online and to already existing contracts. more


With our newsletter we keep you up to date: You will receive the announcements and information about our marketing procedures as well as first-hand news about our products and services.


We have also collected information for you on the subject of transport. Please feel free to click through the small table.

As a storage customer, you book the transport capacities for flange products via the Prisma capacity marketing platform. The following steps are necessary for this.

Register with Prisma, conclude a balancing contract per transport network operator and receive a balancing code per transport network operator for your nominations.

For specific details, please contact the respective network operator and market area manager directly.

The difference between Flange & Hub products lies in the transfer and accept point of the gas.

With hub products, you transfer and accept your natural gas directly at virtual trading points in the market area Trading Hub Europe ("THE").

We take care of the transport of the natural gas from the virtual trading point to the storage facility. This allows you to profit from both physical storage of your natural gas in one of our market area THE storage facilities as well as the availability found at virtual trading points. The natural gas stored with us remains your property at all times.


In flange products, you transfer and accept your natural gas directly at the corresponding entry/exit points in the underground storage facilities found in the Ontras – Gastransport GmbH ("ONTRAS") network.

You take care of the booking and nomination of the natural gas transport yourself. You benefit from a two-hour notification period for Within Day renominations. The natural gas stored with us remains your property at all times.


Any questions? Feel free to contact us!