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Natural gas will continue to be important as a primary energy source in Germany and throughout Europe. At the same time, we are investing in new and promising technology as well as secondary sources of energy – hydrogen, for instance.

Our Contribution to the SDGs

Our activities in the area of Green Products and Future fields help to achieve Sustainable development goals 7, 9, 12, and 13. 

SDG 7 en

Supply Reliability in Germany

As storage system operators, we keep 2.3 billion cubic meters of working gas volume on hand and ready to go. We also work hard to keep our technical processes running safely, reliably, and efficiently. Our integrated management system has been certified by TÜV Süd; a result of our desire to set the highest standards in safe system operations and minimal effect on the environment.

We are also actively integrating measures to further reduce emissions while also investing in future research initiatives.

SDG 9 en

CO2-Reduction & Green Hydrogen

We are investing in efficient technical systems and equipment to reduce our CO2 output measurably.​ We also support and advance green hydrogen technology and Germany’s energy revolution. We partner with and support the research initiative, HYPOS, in developing a research platform investigating hydrogen storage in salt caverns. 

At the same time, we are participating in construction of a wind park complete with large-scale electroanalysis, planned to operate at 30 MW. 

SDG 12 en

Responsible Handling of Resources

Efficient controlling of our compressors has allowed us to reduce our resource consumption. By implementing a circular recycling management system, we reduce waste before it exists. When waste cannot be avoided, we dispose of it properly. We also recognise the impact of our offices on the environment. Unavoidable refuse is thoroughly separated and recycled throughout our entire operational chain. As part of our company environmental philosophy, we work with local, regional providers whenever possible.

SDG 13 en

Green Products for our Customers

With our climate-neutral storage and a range of sustainable products, we are doing our part to fight climate change. In fact, all of our customers store “neutrally”. We compensate for the CO2 emissions produced throughout the entire storage process with certificates, so-called Verified Emmsion Reduction, helping to advance other environmental protection projects as well. Our customers can also store bio-natural gas with even the energy used during injection and withdrawal coming from natural gas that is 100 percent bio.

Green Products

You want to retain the biogenic qualities?

Using the bio-shipper code means that our customer’s bio-natural gas account is linked exclusively to their bio-natural gas balancing group, and the biogenic qualities are retained. This high-performance, flexible product allows for the injection and withdrawal of bio-natural gas within just one week.

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Do you want to contribute - to protect our environment – even while storing natural gas?

"Trading VSH green" allows us to cover the energy requirements for gas injection and withdrawal at the underground storage facilities using energy derived purely from bio-natural gas. Economically and environmentally sound.

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Zukunft Energiepark

Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park

The storage facility will be created at our existing Bad Lauchstädt location in Saxony Anhalt. Initially, operations will be limited to a testing and research capacity.
Alongside this storage facility, a separate project including a wind farm and accompanying large scale electrolysis at a capacity of 30 MW is planned. This will mean that the caverns are supplied directly with green hydrogen. The project is establishing itself as an important column of the potential real-world laboratory taking form in the HYPOS region.

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